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“The map to a new future starts here”

Trunk Design began in the small serene city near the ocean called Tarumi in the Kobe Hyogo prefecture.

“To be a design studio that is intimate to both the city and the people”

The glass walled office and store were created from the desire to peaceably blend into the surroundings as a small city store.

It is now a space where anyone - whether it be a mother with a child or an elderly who lives in the neighborhood - can stop by just to have some small talk.

Here we seek to create designs that can help better the world ever so slightly by spending time together with people while being intimately surrounded by small letterpress printing machines, old books, and goods we’ve carefully selected ourselves.

Our designs strive to shed a new light on the wonderful products, techniques, and services that are hidden around us in plain view . We reinvent its charms to deliver it to the people in need of a happy setting: much like creating a map for a new future.
Based in our adored hometown of Kobe, we work throughout Japan and globally to continue our journey to connect.

Yasuhiro Horiuchi

Art Director/Designer

Born in the Hyogo prefecture in 1981, Yasuhiro enjoyed drawing and crafts from a young age. In middle school, he found interest in car designs. After graduating a from designer school, he began to work in the design department of a local printing company. During his time there, he established an original T-shirt company, where he created and sold T-shirts.

He became independent in 2008 and renamed his company “Trunk Design”. He relocated to Tarumi, Kobe’s Shoudaisuji and has since worked on a variety of projects such as creating advertising tools for companies, producing new products, and branding. Recently, Yasuhiro has not only worked with clients but done self-directed projects which focus on finding a new purpose under the concept of “people, objects, subjects”. In 2010, Yasuhiro opened his first solo exhibition Paper Design Show, which expressed the beauty of paper and letterpress printing. 2012 saw him establish “Hyogo Craft”, where he introduced crafts created in Hyogo, along with original products like Mori no Utsuwa, iRoDoRi, megulu, and Ku.

He was chosen as the project manager of the Banshu Soroban Project, which was a part of the 2015 JAPAN Brand Produce supporting business MORE THAN PROJECT, held by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

To clear his mind, Yasuhiro likes to visit the beach. He gets so much energy from the sea that he can’t imagine living anywhere else.

His beloved vehicles that he drives are the VW Caravelle and the Harley 883 Sportster.