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With Japanese crafts
「工芸 | Kougei」

「工 | Kou」refers to the work of making things.
「芸 | Gei」is the ability of moving people's hearts and minds
with skills acquired through wholehearted dedication.
In this country there is a “spirit of craftsmanship”
that we want to share with the world.

It encompasses uncompromising standards of quality,
a sincere commitment to the craft.
It goes beyond what we think of as “traditional crafts”;
this spirit can be found everywhere:
from agriculture, forestry and fisheries that
engage with nature, to industrial manufacturing.

And yet, unfortunately, there are many instances
where the value of this spirit is not fully recognized.
It is our heartfelt mission, “Kokorozashi”,
to combine our “power of creativity” with this sense of spirit and artistry,
taking Japanese craftsmanship on the next steps to a secure future.

Our engagement with craftspeople goes deeper than new brand design.

We collaborate with the creators of these crafts
through meaningful discussions, refining their product offerings.
We become passionate advocates,
selling these products and communicating their brands’ values.

Let’s envision a new world together, one that has not yet been seen.


It's all about the「Craft-makers」

To ensure the continuation of Japanese crafts and skilled craftsmanship for the future, we foster value creation by developing new products that respond to future generations. We achieve this through close collaboration with local craft producers and makers, branding and sales promotion.
01.Branding /
02.Product Development

Based on in-person research, we analyze the strengths and challenges of each craft-maker and clearly define the direction to take in product development, starting with concept creation. From there, we translate the resulting new worldview into all aspects of design, including websites, promotional materials, stores, exhibition stands, and more.


We utilize the resources of our own TRUNK DESIGN printing workshop and those of partner workshops to provide support with prototype creation and printing of promotional materials.

04.Sales and Distribution

At TRUNK DESIGN we use our own stores and e-commerce websites, as well as our national and international distribution networks, to facilitate business negotiations and support the expansion of sales channels.

05.Tourism and Events

Focusing on Japan's craft-making regions, we are developing and operating craft tourism and experience programs that go beyond our team and regional boundaries.


Walking the path to the future with craft-makers

Shining a light on the “power of making” deeply ingrained in this country to make tomorrow a little richer.
A story of value co-creation between TRUNK DESIGN and craft-makers from all over Japan.
Shining a light on everyday quality

Self projects

TRUNK DESIGN initiated projects that developed into the establishment of new brands.

With stories that embrace everyday life

Stores and Products

Meet the teams at our three stores dedicated to communicating the thoughts and values of our craft-makers. Discover the stories behind our handcrafted goods, given new perspectives through dialogue.

Building brands through deeper relationships

Brand Development

Brand refinement through understanding of a region and its crafts, and listening to the concerns of the craft-makers through continuous dialogue.

Working with different teams

Collaborative Projects

Projects and brand creation that transcend team and regional boundaries to create the design of the future.

TRUNK DESIGN's vision for the future

Our mission is ”To ensure that Japan's craftsmanship is preserved for the future.”
Japan has incredible, world-class craftsmanship.
However, due to declining profitability and a shortage of successors, many traditional skills are in danger of disappearing if we simply stand idle.

We aim to define the "unique value" of each craft area,
helping them to stay true to tradition whilst interpreting classic forms into new ideas to survive and remain relevant to customers today.
We offer our regional makers and artisans a helpful “outsider perspective”; we share their stories with the world, and grow together.

Message from the Representative

"We want to inspire craft regions with work that goes beyond surface-level rebranding design and gets deeper and closer to the heart of creation.”
With this aspiration in mind, TRUNK DESIGN was born in 2008 in Tarumi, a small town by the sea in Kobe.

More than a decade has passed since then, during which we have collaborated on projects with many craft-makers and artisans, not only in our home prefecture of Hyogo, but also traditional and local industries and makers from across the country.

What we always keep in our hearts throughout this journey is a commitment to "work with sincerity and dedication to achieve results."
This is the reason why we value the attitude of "doing everything we can", from product development and design, to distribution and sales of the products we create.

We will continue our journey, looking forward to meeting new craft-makers who would like to work with us to give shape to their dreams.

堀内 康広
TRUNK DESIGN Inc. Representative & Creative Director/Designer Yasuhiro Horiuchi
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Brands created with craft makers COMING SOON...
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