TRUNK DESIGN (trunk design · hereinafter “our company”) will deal with customer’s personal information (things that can identify specific individuals such as e-mail address, address, telephone number) based on the following policy.

1. We will stipulate the handling of customer’s personal information (hereinafter “information”) and strive to protect personal information appropriately.

2. We will use your information for the following collection purposes. Also, use is limited to that range and managed in an appropriate manner, when obtaining consent from the principal, when based on laws, etc., or when there is a justifiable reason, provide personal information to a third party I will not.
· Introduction of information such as events and new products.
· Contact for events and reservations of products, inquiries.
· Contact and order on the order of design, printed matter, other selling items ordered from customers.
· Other responses to inquiries and consultations.
· When there is a need for communication for some reasons.

3. We will faithfully respond to the information of customers owned by us if you wish to confirm, correct such information from you.

4. Regarding the customer’s information we possess, we will continuously review and take necessary measures to improve the necessary measures for the protection of information.

If you wish to inquire, correct, delete, etc. the contents of your personal information, please contact us at the inquiries. We will correctly verify your identity and we will deal properly.

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